Terms and Conditions

  1. Rental rate are 24 hours per day for self-drive and a 10 hours per day for rental car with driver . 
  2. Extra charge 10 % per hour for the rental extension , the rental extension should be informed not less than 24 hours before the expiry date otherwise the car maybe pre-booked by another party . If the renter does not informed return the car and did not inform to the rental company within 48 hours since the expiry date than the rental car company will report it to the police mentioning the car is lost or stolen . 
  3. Two (2 ) days minimum for rental car self drive .
  4. An international driving license is required for foreigner to drive in Bali and a nasional driving license for Indonesian citizen .
  5. The real one ID of renter will be kept by us temporary and will giving back to the renter after finish rental car .
  6. “ Normal Insurance “ applied with no excess , means if renter had little scratch on car body painting it will be okay with no charge but if renter had badly damage with car its fully the renter responsible to fix it and charge of it depend on how bad the accident is .
  7. “ Full Insurance “ applied with extra 20 % per day depend on price car rental , its means if the renter had badly damage she / he only pay maximum $300 and the rest payment will be the rental car company .
  8. The renter will be fully responsible to any consequences caused when giving the car to be driven by a person other than a renter stated in the car rental contract agreement .
  9. Is not permitted to drive car outside the island and extremely not be allowed to drive the car when being sick or drunk .
  10. The renter charged 250.000 idr that eliminates car keys .
  11. The rental rate are unlimited milliage , including taxes and service charges but does not inclusive of car insurance . For cancellation charge of 25 % of cost rental car .
  12. No deposit needed , all payment are to be paid in full upon signing of the car rental contract agreement and should be settled in IDR cash or can be converted to foreign currencies prevailing to the exchange rate on the day of the car delivery
  13.  As a car rental company we have right to refused or not giving car rental to the renter because an their ID was not complete or anyelse reasons .